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Established in1991 by founder Uriel Dunkley, Dr. Lushus Limited is now a mature and experienced manufacturing entity, registered to carry on the business of bakers, that is, manufacturing baked goods of all and any kind, for individuals and corporations alike.

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Vision: In the medium term, Dr. Lushus Limited will be known as the most innovative supplier of the highest quality of breads and pastry products in the industry, serving a regional customer base.

Ownership: Dr. Lushus Limited is a registered limited liability Jamaican company still owned and operated by Founder Uriel Dunkley and employs about 40 staff.


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    The vehicle is road-ready, licensed and can be spotted all around the island at supermarkets, fun days and events doing promotions for Dunkley's Dr Luscious Bakery.

    This system hous nine 18-inch speakers on the bass and plays 16 12-inch speakers on low/mid, 20 eight-inch speakers on high/mid along with 20 horns and boasting in excess of 30,000 watts in power.


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AS far as sound systems go, St Catherine-based bakery operator Uriel Dunkley has the best of both worlds.

His 'hybrid sound system' known as the Dr Luscious Limo Bug is an impressive self-built combination of a traditional sound system and a car stereo sound system. The Bug was a hit at the Guinness Kings of Car Sound Clash held in St Andrew recently.

Uriel who had been playing on regular sound systems since 1982, moved on to a car stereo system in the early '90s. The process of building the one-of-a-kind sound system took about six months.

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